Percent Mass with in Baking and Government by Isaiah and William

The chemistry concept, percent mass is the idea to take the total mass of something and break it down into smaller parts of that whole. In order to find percent mass one must know the pieces of what is being looked at to calculate either the total or a specific part. For example, like how much copper ore can be found in any given amount of malachite or azurite. Chemistry has unlimited ways to use percent mass, like finding atomic mass of the elements that make the compound iron (iii) oxide or baking, something that we see in our everyday lives and don’t make the connection with chemistry. Another great way to make to see if any chemistry concept is comparing it to other academic context. Percent mass can be seen in forms of pharmaceutical fields, in the government like gerrymandering and anatomy.


Finding percent mass is when you find the percentage of a certain element or molecule that makes up a compound. In order to do this you need two things. The first is the mass or molar mass of the individual elements and molecules. To get this you need to use a periodic table to get the atomic mass and multiple it but how many times it occurs in the compound for example if you have iron (iii) oxide the compound is written as Fe2O3. Oxygen has an atomic mass of 16.00 you take this and multiply it by three since it is in the compound a number of three time so your mass would end up as 48.00 grams. Next you would repeat the steps with iron. If you followed the steps correctly you would get 111.7 grams of iron. These are the masses for each of the elements. Note that if you are trying to find the mass of a compound with a molecule in it like KNO3 you may need to find the percent of the nitrate and then you would need to add both the mass of the nitrogen and the mass of the three oxygens. After you’ve completed these you can add them all together to get your complete molar mass. To find the percent you take one of the previous masses for a single element or molecule and divide it by the total to get the decimal percent. After you complete this step you can finally find the percent by multiplying by one hundred. You can do this for any of the elements in the compound.


Life is packed with things that we do everyday without comparing it to academics, importantly chemistry. The connection between the chemistry concept, percent mass, is closely related to the everyday process of baking. Percent mass finds its way into baking by how you must get a certain percentage of the contents you need to make the final product. Like, two cups of flour to be put into cookies and that makes up a majority of the mix. Baking is very flexible, but there should still be a certain percentage of content needed to make the product, for example, in a apple pie you would not want less mass of dough compared to the apples. Also, in baking cookies you would not want too little flour could cause the cookies to become flat, oily and crispy. Commonly, pizza is one of the most abundant places to eat. So, all the separate chains or ma pops places could have different percent mass of sauce they apply to the pizza creating their unique pizza or a variety of choices. One could put too much sauce, like Dominos or not much at all like Genos. Another great  relationship to percent mass involves problems that can occur within the body itself like in certain situations where you have a deficiency in iron or blood sugar levels that can be combated with a certain percentage of something to help the body function properly. This is usually used with pills but cereal is a good combatant because of the levels of iron. There is about 4 grams of iron to average male and 3.5 to the average female, but that means the percent of iron is very small compared to the rest of the body. There are many options comparing percent mass to everyday life they just have to be explored, but baking was a suitable choice because it is something that we either make ourselves or consume.


This chemistry concept although also appearing quite often in math shows up in several other fields of study. The ones that we chose to elaborate on are other sciences like biology and anatomy, government and statics, and finally pharmacy. In studies like biology and anatomy percent mass plays a key role in many areas of the field. It can help you find how much of your body is made of carbon or nitrogen. It also helps when trying to find the percent of a species in the wild or strain of bacteria. Within pharmacy there are many different factor when working with drugs. If you have the wrong proportions it could be potentially lethal. Or if you’re using more than one drug doctors need to make sure that they won’t negate the effect of each other or make sure that they won’t react violently with each other. When making a new drug the proportions of the different chemicals have to be correct in order to get your desired effect if they are not then they could have disastrous effect. It is important to know the percentages of the chemicals you put in your drug. You can use them to safely make the drug again. In government and statics classes you  often have to learn about why different politicians work the way they do and campaign to who they do. In the classes you use percent mass to find out different demographics of people in certain areas so you can better present yourself to the people you are trying to win over.  This is also a big factor in gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is when you set up districts in a state to help a certain party win a vote. To do this you need to know the percentage of democrats versus republicans as well as knowing where different races make up a majority so you can either break it up in favor of one party or group them together in favor of the other party. This can destroy an elections integrity or help an underdog win. By knowing how this works you can become better educated on what is happening in politics and why they are happening. By being better informed you help to push forward things that you know will help and not things you just follow blindly.


2 thoughts on “Percent Mass with in Baking and Government by Isaiah and William

  1. okilla says:

    The overall visual design is appealing. Punctuation and grammar also looks great. The examples given provide an easier understanding to your contexts. Perhaps in the introduction try to build rapport with the specific audience you’re writing to. It looks good altogether.


  2. says:

    Go through and make sure that you have proper punctuation. We found a couple of errors as far as missing periods and improper usage of certain punctuation. We know that it’s in the draft form right now, however your topic still seems intriguing and we can’t wait to see the rest of the post and how you connect your concept to an academic and everyday life context. We would also advise you to use charts and or pictures to explain how to calculate the numbers in your scientific concept so that the reader doesn’t get bored and confused. Overall, good job!
    -Brandon and Natalie


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